What would YOU do, if you were the Dragon?

Once upon a time, there was a Dragon. She was all large and beautiful, wise, but furious once in a while, and her flames were hot and dangerous. But she didn’t like people. Neither talking to them, nor eating them. She considered humans to be only poor little beings with no flesh on their bones and no heart in their chest. Instead, her best friends were the Sun and the Moon.

She understood the Sun – like her, the Sun was hot and shiny, giving all her energy to warm up others. Shiny, but never allowing anyone to come too close.

She understood the Moon – the Moon was soft and fragile, full of unspoken sadness. The Moon was cold, but not like icicles or snowmen are. It was calm and thoughtful and hoping for better times to come and it brought light even into the darkest of nights.

So the Dragon lived in a mountain from stone, having her ubiquitous friends all around her. She was happy through and through. Sometimes she just flew over a human village that lay nearby, observed how the people lived and regreted them for being so false and untrue, so negligent, so self-centred.

Once, a Boy found the Dragon’s cave. This boy was different. He was young, pure and innocent. He found the Dragon sleeping and wanted to get to know her. „Wow, she’s so strong and breathtaking,“ he thought. And he started to be friends with her. There was nothing of the human evil in him. He was kind to the Dragon, listened to her and made her feel extraordinary. He taught her about human feelings. And so the Dragon forgot the Sun and the Moon, she spent all her time with the Boy, she was now shining just for him, bringing light not into night, but only to the Boy. She got to know love.
However, one day, the Boy didn’t show up. The Dragon feared. Has he passed away? Has anything bad happen to him? She was afraid and so she cried and cried. Her tears were so BIG it doused all her flames. The Sun and the Moon remembered she used to be their best friend and they suffered with her altogether

Then the Dragon couldn’t wait any longer. She spread her wings, waved powerfully and flew over the village. And there he was. He laughed with other children in the street. They kicked a ball (which the Dragon couldn’t, for she had too large claws), they licked ice-cream (which the Dragon couldn’t, for her tongue was too hot) and they laughed (which the Dragon could, but probably it wasn’t enough for the Boy). He needed her no more. He forgot about her. As he got used to her, he stopped being aware of her breathtaking largeness, of her beauty, and of the freedom of her wings. She became nothing but ordinary for the Boy. So he left her, he stopped climbing into the mountains every day and he choose the easier way – to spend his time with the people whom the Dragon scorned so much.

The Dragon flew back into her cave. First, she was sad. Then, she got enraged. Because the Boy wasn’t different from the other Men. He was exactly the same. He stayed with her as long as she was something new for him and then he just changed his mind, kicked her away, stopped caring about her. But she didn’t hate him, for the love she still bore in her heart. She tought it was her fault. It were her claws, which were too big. It was her tongue, which was too hot. It was her laughter, which was not enough.
But at the end, she realized that it was the Sun and the Moon who were her true friends. Who have always been there for her and who will be there for her once and for all. They accapted her back for they were truly fond of her. And the Dragon continued living in her old way. Together with the Sun she was warming up everyone who needed. Together with the Moon she brought hope and light. And Meanwhile, the Boy realized that kicking the ball is not the same fun as before. That the ice-cream doesn’t taste sweet any more. And that the only laughter he longs to hear is the Dragon’s. He couldn’t stop thinking at her.

And so he came back. He found her in her cave, happy with the Sun and the Moon, hating the mankind. His palms were torn to blood from the sharp stones and his knees were dirty from falling on the ground. He asked her to listen to him. He asked her to forgive him. And he asked her to love him again.

After his words, the Dragon felt confusion greater than the whole sky. And she started weeping. She wept harder than ever before. Her tears were so BIG that they flooded the village and took away all the people who lived there. She wanted to forgive him, for the love was the most precious of the feelings she has ever learnt. However, fear crept into her heart – she didn’t want to be hurt again. She didn’t want to trust someone who has already deceived her. And so she cried and cried, for now it was her who was responsible for her fate and for the fate of the Boy she loved. And she didn’t know what to do.

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  1. Se svojí angličtinou to možná jednou přelouskám celé :D

  2. To se mi moc líbilo :))). To jsi psala sama? Kdybych já byla drak, no nevím. Sice díky němu poznala lásku, ale on ji zradil, hajzlík jeden. Jak by se nakonec zachovala v tvém podání? :)

    1. Děkuju:) Jo, vlastně to byla moje prokrastinace před zápočtem.. a přišla jsem díky tomu pozdě:D V mém podání těžko říct - mám slabost pro otevřené konce :D